The Prophet Muhammad

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A man who has been sent by gods among ethnic Arabic man to convey the teaching of Islam which Muhammad ( PBUH ). Muhammad is the last Prophet who was sent by Allah. Allah has chooses Muhammad as a Prophet because he has a very personal character to him in the title of Al-Amin. Besides that, the Prophet Muhammad is also featured in the community as a leader in the country Islam. The leadership brought by him is the best leader in delivering an exclamation of Allah. Muhammad call a rowing boat with a competent government and a husband who also subtle interactions, a careful and wise father execute the duties of wives and children as well as a wise and sensible Muslim divide dedication to God, family and friends. Let us know so little about his life, noble features available at him, miracles revealed by God to him through the next Gabriel about important events which prove the Prophet Muhammad a leader and a great man in the sight of the prophet Muhammad in Islam. Moreover, we as Muslims should get to know of his life to show that our love for him is thriving until now.


As all humanity knows, Prophet Muhammad ( PBUH ) is a role model to whole Muslims in the world. Without knowing Him as the messenger with a blessing from Allah to whole Muslims will not getting a ‘Hidayah’ from Allah. Hidayah means the people that chosen from Allah to following to the truth way. We all also can’t get the enjoyable of heaven that everlasting of hereafter.

Prophet Muhammad ( PBUH ) also had a compulsory of characteristic quality are genuine, trust, sermon and intellectual. Muhammad as the human that chosen from Allah, that should have a honourable characteristic and personality that far fr...

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...of challenge and test from Allah.


Conclusion, we already know a bit about the history of the Prophet Muhammad. He is the features an honest and gentle. In all that, Siti Khadijah who is the first wife of the king is impressed with his character to marry the Prophet Muhammad. Hence miracles and events that have taken place we can also use as a lesson in life today in terms of leadership, fraternity among the Muslims and the other. Part from that, unquestionably that the Prophet Muhammad was a special man who was sent by God as a Prophet in delivering the call of Allah. Highlighted leadership is to uphold justice and eradicate from the face of evil in Islam. Not only that, his teachings give impetus to the progress of human hurl and open vision of life that is only appropriate for Ummah. So, ordinary man makes his example and idol in our daily lives.
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