Genghis Khan

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The Mongolian leader of the 13th century. Genghis Khan, one of the famed leaders of the history of the world, led the Mongolian hordes. Genghis Khan’s military leadership resulted in making a great empire. But other nations viewed Genghis Khan and his army as a ruthless murderer, while the Mongolians considered Khan as a great military leader. While Genghis Khan was a military leader, he was also a leader of the people.

The Soldier’s Leader

Discipline and Training
The trainees of the army were trained with extensive planning and organizing. Khan wanted the trainees to be able to defend the tribe and conquer other tribes. But that training required discipline. Without discipline, the soldiers would have not excelled in warfare. When there was disobedience in war, they would have gotten themselves killed. According to the book,The History of the Life of Genghis Khan: The Secret History of the Mongols, the Mongol leaders stated, “We will make you khan… And if we disobey your command, separate us from our families, from our ladies and our wives. Separate us, and throw our heads upon the ground! If we disobey you, exile us and throw us out into the wilderness.” Their loyalty towards Khan ended up creating a superior militia and led to their further victories.
Khan’s victories affected the military by allowing them to evolve from the wisdom of war to become a better militia. It also affected the population by allowing them to grow and to harmonize with the winnings they share together. To affect both though, the military had to use tactics to win the battle.

Tactics and Militia
The military’s soldiers were to be trained with the tactics; Khan ensured that they were properly trained in it to excel...

... middle of paper ... that humanity shall realize this.” Khan’s leadership had influenced the military and the Mongolian people. By keeping everything under control, he was able to grow a large empire.

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