The Profession of Nursing

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The definition of a profession is "a calling requiring specialized knowledge and often long and intensive academic preparation" (Webster Dictionary, 2008). By definition, I would consider nursing to be a profession, without a doubt. Nurses have spent too much time and effort in academic settings not to use the word profession. Nurses are taught and academically prepared by leaders in the nursing field who have the specialized knowledge that will specifically train nurses to meet the challenges of the profession. Nursing theorists, who are experts in nursing, have contributed great amounts of work to promoting nursing as a profession. According to Alligood and Tomey, "Nursing theory has been a prevalent theme in the nursing literature for the past 35 years and has stimulated phenomenal growth in the nursing profession" (Alligood & Tomey, 2006, p.3). I see the profession of nursing as something special, something different than just a job. I think most nurses feel that they have been "called" in some way to the profession. The future of nursing is in the hands of nurses themselves. By encouraging further education and continuing education, the profession of nursing will continue to evolve and gain power. By learning to speak out and publicize the plight of nursing today, nurses can either help the public understand why the healthcare system needs to change, and how changes can be made, or if done carelessly, may contribute to a negative image in the public eye. I think nurses hold the power to change the healthcare system in our country, but we must first become organized and work together. The American public has viewed nursing historically as a profession that is admired, respected, and trusted. According to the Gal... ... middle of paper ... ...B. & Gordon, S. (2000). From Silence to Voice. Ottawa, Ontario, Canadian Nurse’s Association. (2007). Survey on Honesty and Ethics-2007. Retrieved April 21, 2008 from http:// Robison, J. (2006). Labor dispute: Nurses authorize strike. Las Vegas Review Journal. November 23, 2006. Retrieved April 21, 2008 from /lvrj_home/2006/Nov-23-Thu-2006/business/11008259.html Webster’s Dictionary. (2008). Definition of profession. Retrieved April 21, 2008 from Wells, A. (2007). Mentally Ill Still Lack Care. Las Vegas Review Journal. August 28, 2007. Retrieved April 21, 2008 from ill-still-lack-care-las-vegas.html.

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