The Negative Impact Of Social Media On Youth Communication Skills

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Social media is a term that has been used to explain the communication between several groups or individuals in which they create, participate, or gain ideas over the Internet. Social media sites have achieved astonishing universal popularity and development, which has led to attracting attention from many researchers globally. Adolescents and young adults are the most enthusiast users of these sites even though all generations, in our modern society, have included the social network in their lives, as well. The influence of social networking sites on young people is vital because those young adults are growing up surrounded by different devices and interactive social media sites, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, which has made the…show more content…
Teens who tend to spend too much time online and replace their time in real life commonly ignore the appropriate and the importance behavior that relates to a face-to-face contact. Therefore, their interpersonal skills that are fundamental to success in their real life might not improve properly. Drussell (2012) states that the decrease in face-to-face contact will lead in reducing the capacity to harness real-life dissensions, which effect on disability to signals to facilitate communication and access interpersonal behavior among adolescents. This leads to another negative impact that social media has on youth communication skills, which when young people face offensive or aggressive behavior online from unknown users that might influence their behavior in real life situation and lead to increase their social distrust towards strange people, as well. Nevertheless, there is another argument against the lack of communication among adolescents in their real life, which is that social networks authorize young adults to stay connected with their family and friends online, share pictures and videos, and make new friends. A study has been done by Bessie`re, Kiesler, Kraut, and Boneva (2008) who found that using the Internet and social network has significantly positive effects on improving social connectedness between adolescents online. These positive consequences are only set for young people who use the Internet mostly to keep their existing friendships (as cited in Valkenburg & Peter, 2009, p. 2). In truth, however, social media sites could hurt youth 's ability to have a face-to-face conversation. For example, by hearing and respond with a thoughtful message through the spoken, young adults might think that real-world relationships are awkward or unusual because they have depended on a keyboard to carry a
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