The Negative Effects Of Social Media And Social Communication Skills

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Majority of us can sit for hours on any giving hand held technology playing games, chatting and other social activities without ever meeting or having direct interactions with them which in some case is a good thing. The problem arise when this changes and we are left with where to go but be out and socialize with a group of people outside our normal comfort zone e.g.; our home. Using teenagers for example, finds it hard to fit into social event because they spend most of their time texting and using emoticons to express their feelings without ever altering a word. When this environment changes, it becomes impossible for these expressions to be put in real life and present an intellectual and meaningful conversation within a group of people.…show more content…
We all accept social media as part of out life’s but it 's destroying our interpersonal social…show more content…
Since time has changed and technology has evolved and accessible to the young and old, it has also negatively impacted children and parent relationship in terms of family values and traditional role that each plays. The age of advance technology such as, chat rooms, facebook, twitter, and internet as a whole play a major role in helping diminishing this value. On a day to day basis family “parents and kids” communicates through a technology of some sort cell-phone, laptop or similar loosing the physical eye to eye contact, touch and presence. It has also become a daily battle for some families to retain these common values such as teaching the kids to be honest with others, be respectful, and be helpful to others. Vast majority of parent don’t who the kids are talking to, what kind of conversation and the loss of control on activities on social networks the kids are involve

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