Mandatory Health Insurance

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The United States passed bill that health insurance should be mandatory in the year 2014. Under the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act, each person is required to have at least a minimum level of health insurance failure to, the individual will face a penalty. The mandatory health insurance issue has faced reactions from both sides with some people supporting while others opposing. It is mandatory for every individual to purchase a health insurance depending on their earnings. The health care insurance is mandatory for all US citizens, and all legal residents in America. It is considered as an individual responsibility requirement, and those without this insurance are subject to a tax penalty of $750 per year up to a maximum of three times that amount ($2,250) per family. However, there are exemptions for financial hardships, incarcerated persons, religious objections, and undocumented immigrants. Mandatory health insurance is important, and should be applied in all states because, everyone gets ill and at one time, they have to visit a health care facility for medical services. In addition, it protects the health future of families, and protects people from unexpected high medical costs because they are covered. Health insurance should be mandatory to all individuals because, at some point, every individual will need medical attention. It covers the unpredictable moments in life. Opponents argue that, many people are in good health, and they will not need health care at some point in their life. No one expects to get sick, but medical attention is needed at some point, because, no one knows when an accident may happen, or when a family member will get seriously sick. Therefore, when this time comes, it will be very easy ... ... middle of paper ... ...andatory health insurance will help protect the financial and health future of families in a lifetime. Works Cited Hall, Mark A., "The Constitutionality of Mandates to Purchase Health Insurance" (2009). O'Neill Institute Papers. Paper 21. A New Day for Health Care in America. 2010. Web. 28 Mar. 2014. From The Editors. Should Health Insurance Be Mandatory?2014 The New York Times Company, 4 Jun. 2009. Web. 28 Mar. 2014 Moffit, Robert E "Individual Mandate Unconstitutional, Unenforceable". 23 Mar. 2011. Web. 28 Mar. 2014. ‹›.
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