The Multiple Intelligences Theory and Vocabulary Learning Strategies

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The Multiple Intelligences theory and vocabulary learning strategies ( A study of faculty of education students vocabulary learning strategies) Introduction: Studying human languages is the door to study human brain that is manifested in different language activities . .Since 1984, when Howard gardener introduced his concept of intelligences on bases of his multiple Intelligences theory (MIT),a paucity of studies have been conducted in the field of English language teaching. But , linguistic research in Sudan is still poor and in need of work in this area. In addition to that , the problem of standards deterioration necessitates investigating English language learners practices. This work tries to study one of these practices through approaching the issue of vocabulary learning strategies . This study is based on psychological basis of the multiple intelligences theory (MIT) of Gardner. The problem of the research: This research is mainly concerned with the utilization of providing the learners with information that present their potentialities and multiple intelligences to them . As they come familiar with their areas of strength and weakness , they start to reconsider and think of the learning strategies and habits that they practice when study vocabulary . They will be trained to select and apply what strategies are appropriate to their learning styles and multiple intelligences . the learners are expected to be fully aware of the process of learning vocabulary , modify their learning habits and achieve standards improvement. The Questions of the research : In order to study the habits and strategies that are practiced by students when studying vocabulary and investigate its relation with their multiple intelligences, the following questions will be raised: 1- To what extent do the students use vocabulary learning strategies that are appropriate to their multiple intelligences? 2- What is the effect of providing the learners with their multiple intelligences and the appropriate strategies of learning vocabulary? 3- What are the practical applications of (MIT) on TEFL in Sudan? Significance of the Study: This study takes its significance from the following points : 1- It develops students learning in the field of vocabulary and prepare them for a life – long learning process. 2- It enlightens English language teachers in this important area. 3- It gives insights and ideas to syllabus developers and English language supervisors that improve the teaching follow up process.

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