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Melancholia is a feeling of sadness and depression and what better way can you capture that, than with the world ending. Von Trier did a wonderful job depicting his way the world would end. In this film the way the world would wind up ending is the planet Melancholia would end up hitting earth. John the husband of Claire is always reassuring her that Melancholia will never hit the earth. Most of the time you begin to watch movies to take your mind off of worldly things but this brings you so far into the real world it begins to make the viewer feel depressed. The feeling of depression is so great in this movie that it brings a big sense of discomfort. If I were a director then this would be something that I would strive for, to make the audience uncomfortable. The film is somewhat confusing but in the end it kind of made sense to me but not all the way.
This film to start off with has beautiful cinematography. I really enjoy the opening scene of the movie where the scenes are laid out and in super slow motion. The cinematography in these opening scenes is what caused me to keep watching the film as long as I did. I sometimes did not understand the reason for this during the movie, but most of the scenes that appeared in the beginning of the film appeared sporadically throughout the film. The soundtrack in the beginning of the movie really depressed you during the opening slow motion scenes. Throughout the whole movie, anytime there was a downfall or a moment to worry that song would come on and play. Eventually that song lost its power to me because it was so frequent that it was used. The sound was awesome in my opinion, not only soundtrack wise, but also just the regular everyday sounds. It made it feel like you w...

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...anings that this movie has. It was a great film for the artsy film watcher, and not the everyday audience that would go see a movie in the theater. The style in this movie is based solely off of one character and it goes entirely through the film. The way this film came across to me might not come across the same way to anyone else. This to me was a love hate film. I thoroughly enjoyed many parts to it, however I thought a lot of it was to drawn out. Its definitely experimental also in the fact that something like this could never happen, because if a planet ever got hat close to earth then something would have most likely happened to us before it literally just crashed right into us. I enjoy this perception though because it gives us a sense of what could be, and it also makes us open our eyes to what people really go through and suffer with on a day-to-day basis.

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