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  • A Scherzo For Sadness

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    Lynn Powell’s, “A Scherzo for Sadness” is a poem consisting of nine stanzas that provide a narrative through a series of instances in time through concrete imagery. These particular images vividly display the speaker's emotion, implementing a tangible idea to rather abstract concepts. By performing a deep explication and close reading of the work, a deep-seated recognition of a person's emotions and the effects it has on their understanding of the universe is revealed. Throughout the poem, the speaker

  • Sadness In The Movie Essay

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    all the anger and sadness, and only brings happy memories to her life. Growing up is not easy, and the movies shows how hard it is to make decisions that won’t affect our emotions. “Riley needs to be Happy” (Inside out, Peter Docter). Joy cares so much about Riley that she doesn’t see that Riley needs to feel sad sometimes, to realize how truly happy she is. Towards the middle of the movie Joy realizes that being sad is not bad at all. One of the character emotions is Sadness with her blue hair

  • The Sadness Of Sorrow And Despair

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    life, and pick apart every piece. In doing this than; maybe, we will be lucky to possibly see what they felt. Sorrow is one of those complex words that I can’t give one definition, because sorrow has many different faces of emotions ranging from sadness leading up to joy. It is impossible to narrow down. Webster Encyclopedia Unbridge Dictionary defines sorrow as “a cause or occasion of grief or regret as an affliction of misfortune or trouble“. (Webster Encyclopedia Unbridge Dictionary). This explanation

  • Joy Of Joy And Sadness

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    Joy and Sadness are the leaders in the film. Joy is the first emotion to appear inside Riley’s brain when she is born. Joy is the clear leader of the other emotions with Sadness emerging as a distant second. She tries to keep everyone moving, focused and sets the goals for the team. Even after the other emotions appear, Joy remains Riley’s primary emotion throughout the movie. Sadness wants to be optimistic and helpful in keeping Riley happy, but she finds it so hard to be positive. “Sometimes it

  • Depression in "In Speaking of Sadness" by Karp

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    Depression in "In Speaking of Sadness" by Karp "Depression can be devastating, leading to family breakups, loss of employment, even suicide." Depression is a national problem, engulfing some ten to fifteen million Americans within its bitter grasp. In Speaking of sadness, Karp captures the human face of this widespread affliction as he brings forth his own experience and that of others in a heart felt, personal work. Speaking of Sadness had a powerful impact on my life. Though the

  • Part Three : Amazed By Sadness

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    The third part of this book is the essential element of this form and function argument. It is entitled “Part Three: Amazed by Sadness”. This section of the novel explores the facts and takes a more serious and analytical tone about the incident. For example, one section within this part of the novel is entitled “About the Facts”. Vasily Nesterenko, the former director of the Institute for Nuclear Energy at the Belarussian Academy of Science tells about his reaction to the incident, and he includes

  • The Difference of Sadness and Depression in Children

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    Most people think that sadness and depression are terms refer to the same emotional disorder level. In fact, sadness is the behavior that occurs as a result of facing some difficulties in our daily life and it is usually continues for a couple of days. While depression is a serious mental illness that happen due to the continual feeling of sadness that persist for weeks, months and even years. Depression can affect people from all ages, in 1975, the National Institute of Mental Health announced that

  • Perceived Happiness, Imperceptible Sadness

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    Perceived Happiness, Imperceptible Sadness Everyone I knew went to church, that was how people were raised where I grew up. Therefore, when my first marriage ended in divorce after only a year, when I was 19 years old, many in my family and community looked down on me, for not being married. My grandparents and preachers always told me, that I would only be happy as an adult if I was married. Taking care of my husband, and having kids, that I raised to be god fearing Christians as well should be

  • Promoting the Unattainable: Sadness or Surgery

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    While getting ready for any given Saturday afternoon, I can assure you, that my best friend will need a half hour alone just to decide which brand of her jeans to wear. She is meticulous on all accounts, refusing to leave her house looking less than perfect. With new products and technology being produced and thrown at her at all hours of the day, it would not be a stretch to assume that her biggest worry at times is in choosing which color shoe will make her the most popular. She is not alone

  • A Letter With Sadness And Fear For The Future

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    I am writing this letter with sadness and fear for the future, and this is not your fault.  You did all you possibly could, to help better America.  But, we failed you, America failed you.  We realized how corrupt the system was and how a republican democracy works.  You received the popular vote and I am so proud of you for that, but it wasn’t enough to stop Trump.  You made history by receiving the democratic nomination, but I wanted to see you thrive and be prosperous as the first female president