Film Review of Lord of the Rings

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Film Review of Lord of the Rings In the film the “Lord Of The Rings”, there is a great evil called

Sauron. The whole film is based on the theme of good Vs evil. The

opening scene is about these rings being forged and given too

different types of people like, elves, dwarfs and humans. From here

you can tell that this film is not natural, you can tell that this is

a fantasy film. The film revolves around Sauron and his evil army

that, try and get the ring from Frodo. Sauron created the one ring to

rule them all, all of his evil and cruelty was endowed in the ring.

Once he wears the ring he becomes invincible and is immune to human

attacks. There was a great battle for middlearth and at the time it

looked like the evil force is wining, until Islidor, son of the king,

cut off Saurons finger with the ring witch destroyed him and his


Thousands of years past and the ring found itself in the hands of

Bilbo Bagins, eldest member of the Bagins family. Bilbo has a nephew

called Frodo Bagins; Frodo inherits the ring not knowing the evil

powers and cruelty that was endowed in the ring. Gandolf the grey is a

kind wizard and close friend of Frodo. Gandolf investigates the ring

and finds out that it is the same ring that Sauron created. To

summarise the rest of the story, Frodo and Sam-wise take the ring on a

long journey to destroy it at MT.Doom in Mordor, but there travels

will not be that easy. The evil army of Saroun has regrouped and is

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... so that initially we, the

audience, think that he is evil and no friend of the hobbits, but in

actual fact he is good and helps the hobbits. The glimpse of light in

his eyes also creates mystery because the audience asks themselves why

would evil have bright white eyes.

Special effects have been used to enhance the view. The staff of

Gandolf fires bright blue balls. This represents the fantasy genre

because there is lots of spells and magic in fantasy’s, also the

colour blue is shown as good.

In my own opinion I think this film is great. I think this because it

has lots of adventure and battles. This appeals to modern day

audiences because of its realism to lots of fantasy books. The wide

range of characters and areas, brilliant camera angles and costumes,

great use of music makes this film a must see movie.
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