The Media Influence on Society

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The Media influence on society According to Noam Chomsky, “What lies behind us and before us are very small matters compare to what lies right to the face.” The issue of the media influence on society’s cultural structure has frequently been debated. The impact on the audience by the media influences the interpretations of social order. Also, the media goes hand in hand with American politics. The information provided by the media is controlled by business cooperates and their economic interest that is shared by political elites. The media is responsible for creating different classes with respect to appearance, color, economic status, religion, and with the help of politics, advertisement because of the media’s powerful influence on public perception, which directly or indirectly affects the consciousness of a human being. The media can be very biased about a story, advertisements, coverage on different social issues. The media Pundits and talk heads talk about thinks which will make a story interesting, outrageous and as incredible as possible just to make profit out of it. For example, the media reporting of the Iraqi war, also known as “War on Terrorism”, influenced Americans to unleash a sentiment of patriotism which lead to a feeling of intolerance against the Middle Eastern. On the other hand, the media ignored people smashing the stores of the Middle Eastern looking ethnicity people in America. The Middle Eastern looking human being is looked upon as terrorist and the media help this influence of apprehension to spread. Entertainment and public information seen to be two key roles of the media and it is the mirror of the society. The media claims that it shows what audiences want to see. In reality the media is a dus... ... middle of paper ... ...often heard, “oh, Oakland is dangerous place to live because it is mostly black neighborhood and crime rate is very high.” Why black and crime is related to each other? The media labels certain group of society but providing false or incomplete information about them. The black people are labeled by the media as criminals and drug addicts. Therefore, one will not see a white family living in a black neighborhood. The most effective way to change public opinion is the media. But information provided by the media is illogical. In the media, the image tends to float around stereotypes that spot of a person in society is mostly a function of their own hard work and achievement or, in case of the poor, lack of efforts and attainments. Labeling different social groups of society is on the outcomes of the media and it simply describes America as a class biased nation.
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