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  • Blue Collar Workers Vs. White Collar Workplace

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    middle-class, blue collar family. He was not the best student until he was pushed by a teacher during his primary schooling. In college he studied humanities and social/ psychological sciences. Later on, he attended graduate school to study education and cognitive psychology. Although he didn 't have the formal education he has now, Rose is able to analyze his memories of his mother and how she learned the same skills he studied in school, in her work place. Growing up in a blue-collar household, Rose

  • What Is The American Dream Still Alive Analysis

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    Everybody has their own definition of living the “American Dream” and although they have their own definition, they all end up saying the same things. A big house, a family, enough money to feed their family and do other things around town, a job, success, peace, love, and happiness are all things that qualifies one for living the American dream. Some people however, do not believe in the American dream because it is hard to achieve even if you are taking all the right steps to achieve it. In these

  • The Case For Working With Your Hands And Blue-Collar Brilliance

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    same principles as a traditional classroom. This also causes the view that blue-careers specializing in a trade are overall lesser than white collar or office work that mandate a college degree. Authors Matthew B. Crawford and Mike Rose both argue this widespread belief is unfair and incorrect in their essays “The Case for Working with Your Hands” and “Blue-Collar Brilliance,” respectively. However, Crawford’s recollection of his own personal experience does not explain the valuable skills and knowledge

  • Global Workforce Integration

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    about moving manufacturing jobs to developing countries to take advantage of the lower salary there. The affected blue-collar US workers were acting violently out of anger and frustration since their jobs were taken away. White collar population didn¡¯t voice any opinions about the issue back then, since US had the largest demand for white collar workers. Today, white collar workers are feeling the pressure of outsourcing in America and starting to discuss the matter seriously. According to researchers

  • Cultural Differences Between Harley Davidson And Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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    terms of what is the classic American image. It was a time of economic prowess where the blue collar factory worker would work 9 to 5 and then go to the local bar with his coworkers. However, times have since changed. The industrial plants that once dominated the Great Lakes economic region has become a shell of its past to the point where it is now none as the Rust Belt as industry left and white collar jobs became the norm. Since this degradation has settled into this once industrial cities, many

  • The Outsourcing of American Jobs

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    Outsourcing of American Jobs The exporting of American jobs is an issue that is important and will become increasingly so as more and more white collar jobs are shipped overseas. American companies in the past few decades have been sending American jobs overseas paying residents of other countries pennies on the dollar what they had paid American workers to do. This saves the companies millions of dollars on labor costs but costs Americans precious jobs. As the problem of job outsourcing becomes

  • Essay On Blue Collar Work

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    Blue collar work refers to work that involves manual labor. They are typically working class. They also usually earn hourly wages. These jobs can be unskilled or skilled. The difference between unskilled labor and skilled labor is that unskilled did not require that its workers be specially trained or have to learn a special skill. Meanwhile, skilled labor requires its workers to have a skill or special training in order to be able to perform that specified work. Some people break down skill levels

  • Pink Collar Research Papers

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    traditional American family, it is not too uncommon to see the masculine half of a marital couple as the breadwinner while the more feminine half as the homemaker, caregiver, chef, maid etc. Why do the majority of us feel that this is the norm? These “Pink Collar” jobs and duties are so commonly associated with women when they just as equally can be done by a man. There is no law in a society that dictates that it is undignifying for a man to be a receptionist, flight attendant, wedding planner, massage therapist

  • What Is a Gold-Collar Worker?

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    What Is a Gold-Collar Worker? A Higher Level of Knowledge Work. Kelley (1990) described an old distinction that divided the work force into blue-collar and white-collar workers. Blue-collar workers typically did manual labor in a factory for hourly pay, whereas white-collar workers did knowledge work in an office on salary. However, changes in the nature of work and the workplace have led to large growth in the numbers of a particular kind of knowledge worker—the gold-collar worker, whose most

  • Redevelopment in Urban Life

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    1.0 Introduction Redevelopment is described as the process of improving by renewing and restoring. When placed into the context of cities, redevelopment may be described as urban renewal. The redevelopment of cities is a crucial phenomenon that effects the fabric of communities socially, economically, politically and culturally. The need for an urban redevelopment usually arises when an area or district no longer functions nor cultivates its intended program. Unsuccessful existing and expired

  • Going To College Essay

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    Should United States culture aim toward ensuring that everyone goes to college? Yes, United States should encourage everyone to go to college because it helps people get out of poverty and people explore in a career that could shape their lives. Some of the people want to have a good job in life and have a good salary to change their future. Additionally, college can help you become more independent and successful in life. Unless the country is willing to more fully fund higher education for all

  • A Critical Analysis of Free Trade

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    profit for selling is lower than creating. The middle class has always been largely made up of blue collar workers but while they’re being destroyed the white collar sector is not safe. During the 2000’s, a substantial influx of tech jobs being outsourced to India and China was seen. Customer Service Call Centers are being placed in India along with in-house tech assistance departments. White collar jobs previously considered to be safe are being sent offshore including accounting, stockbrokers, data

  • Occupational Stress

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    everyone in the workplace whether blue collar or white collar workers. Hughes (1971, p342) supported Mclean by stating that” the essential problems of men at work are the same whether they do their work in some famous laboratory or in the messiest vat room of a pickle factory” So this essay will review the major explanations that have been given for the higher rates of stress amongst working women’s based of the interview conducted on south African female worker. Part one of this paper will discuss

  • Survey of Public Opinion Regarding Immigrants and Immigration

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    Survey of Public Opinion Regarding Immigrants and Immigration My perspective on the issue of US immigration is different than most Americans because I came to the United States as an immigrant. Firsthand, I know what it's like to stand in long lines at the immigration office, hoping to have my number called to speak with a screening officer. I know how hard it is to survive the jobless 6-month parole period while waiting for an immigration interview. And I know what it's like to have my immigration

  • Ethics of Outsourcing

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    market, and offers hardly any practical solution to address the unemployment issues. Outsourcing raises an ethical issue, as so many blue collar workers, as well as well-educated white collar workers in the US have lost their jobs due to outsourcing. Especially, many who work in the field of technologically advanced services and software were exchanged for the workers in poorer countries for cheaper labor costs. Many of the multinational companies moved their manufacturing sectors to Mexico, China, or

  • Summary Of Orientation: White Collar Workers In Office Space

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    This dark, alarming revelation of how disturbing the white collar workplace can be better illustrated in “Orientation.” In the short story, the workplace seems alien and the humans in the story seem to forced to be devoid of emotions. Everything in the economic work space has an order and a place, including who one can talk to and only after one has received permission from someone else. The representation of white collar work is almost haunting. The first few lines of the short story write, “This

  • Workaholism, Leisure And Pleasure

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    being reduced to 35 hours a week. In most countries in the world, it is limited to 45 hours a week. The trend during the last century seems to be unequivocal : less work, more play. Yet, what may be true for blue collar workers or state employees – is not necessarily so for white collar members of the liberal professions. It is not rare for these people – lawyers, accountants, consultants, managers, academics – to put in 80 hour weeks. The phenomenon is so widespread and its social consequences so

  • Analysis Of Torie Bosch's 'First, Eat All The Lawyers'

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    are worried about their jobs and their future no matter what color the collar of their job classification. Her analysis of the white-collar workers versus the blue-collar workers is very clear and reasonable. I can clearly see from what point of views she is advocating to support her claim that America is fixated on zombies because of the dire straits of the economy and that this fixation is held solely by the white-collar workers who fear they are becoming obsolete and will no longer be gainfully employed

  • Impact On A Family: The Impact Of Unemployment On The Family

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    Unemployment in the Family Most people will eventually have to get a job, become employed to pay bills and help support themselves and their family. However, for many people unemployment can go from being something on a shelf in the back of their mind to reality at any point. Unemployment, defined as “the state of not having a job”, can affect any person or family at any time (Merriam-Webster). Unemployment, as we have seen in the past, has no boundaries and can help bring a nation crumbling down

  • An Analysis Of Blue Collar Brilliance By Mike Rose

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    Blue Collar workers today are looked down upon by most of society. People think that if you have a blue collar job you aren’t smart and not successful. But in my opinion, blue collar workers are the backbone of our society, and deserve the same amount of respect as white collar workers. “Blue Collar Brilliance by Mike Rose” explains how blue collar workers are very smart and use a lot of brainpower to get their jobs done. Both his Uncle and mother were blue collar workers and that’s where he got