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The Film “Freedom Riders” depicts a teacher working in a hostile community that’s primary goal is the help the troubled youths. In the movie, we see gendering being giving a secondary theme in the movie. This happened between the main character; Erin Gruwell, and her husband. Erin Gruwell’s dedication to her new job begins to cause a shift in the relationship between the two, which ultimately ends with their divorce. The reason for them borders on the traditional belief that a man must go out and provide, while a woman must stay home and watch the house. Erin uses the modern example of many women providing for their families while their husbands stay home. Her husband’s rebuttal was, “But I can’t be your wife.” Erin was forced to choose between her kids and her husband and finally decided on her kids. When Erin challenged her husband he said “I’m living a life I didn’t agree to.” Gender plays a very prominent role in society. It regulates how we act and view ourselves. It also guides us to create social norms that we deem acceptable. Even though Erin and her husband loved each other, they were deeply ingrained with a gendered mindset that caused the end of their marriage. In the troubled youth’s life styles, it plays a different role. The men are prone to aggression and have been seen committing random acts of violence just because of race. The females are usually kept out of the violence and quiet, while actively supporting the ensuing chaos. Gender also causes a divide between classmates. Most of them ignoring the opposite gender and sticking to themselves. These are all examples of gendered roles in today’s society. Today, the media impacts almost everything we do. It tells us to act a certain way or to beh... ... middle of paper ... ...o the students. The navigation bar on the site offers one tab to academics while four or five to student activities such as wellness and recreation. Although these are essential parts to college life, they should not be paramount when compared to the level of education that should be expected. The problem lies within the general stigma of what it takes to be a good school and what the requirements are. Colleges wouldn’t be advertising in this manner if they didn’t feel like education was placed on the “back burner” for many students while having a good social standing was more important. Even though the University of Miami is an excellent school, I feel that the focus could be placed else-where when focusing on the advertising aspect. Instead of the activities available, breakthrough research, and what the school and do for you academically should be stressed.

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