The Last Season of the Last Year

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The Last Season of the Last Year

My final year was one of the best experiences of my life, full of surprises one of which was me going out for a totally different sport that totally changed my view against obstacles that I face. It was right after the football season when I made a decision to go out for track with a friend of mine who encouraged me and without him I would have had a very different outcome. This is quite similar to the pact because of the same encouragement and competition that Sampson, Rameck and George received from each other.

The football season was great despite our record. Tom, a friend of mine from high school, together we had a great time maybe because we were seniors. In the past seasons, we didn’t have as much fun, going to practice was like going for a punishment especially during conditioning where we had to run for hours and do all sots of drills. With a little fun we turned this the other way round and had the best senior football season. During practice me and Tom, who were both wide receivers just kept on telling jokes which the coaches didn’t like so much but they let it go because we also competed against each other in the process, like whenever we run plays, we would see who could do it faster and more agile, we also had to catch the ball. Some times we pulled off one handed catches just to gain more points. That is a monument in my life I would like to relieve. I had so much fun but have you ever realized that a lot of fun just doesn’t last, before we know it, it was the and of the football season and that was if for me and Tom since we were seniors.

I moved into class rater swiftly, I was late as usual but didn’t get in trouble. I liked my teacher very much, he was also the track couch. The teacher every one in school liked and am glad I had him not only as a teacher but as a very good friend. I found him still sited on his desk besides his computer, still telling jokes that he always told at the beginning of class. “Kenneth my man” he said so loudly that he actually scared me a little. “Your fast man, why don’t you join my track team” he added.
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