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  • Track

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    Track My heart beating loudly in my chest is the only sound I can here. The air, whipping past my face, tries to curb my inertia but I just press on harder and harder. As I make my turn to go into the straight-away, the next man in the relay team comes into sight. I push my legs harder and harder, but I cannot make them move any faster. There is only one hundred meters left to go before the instant I have to pass the baton the next runner. As I am speeding down the lane like a jet about to lift

  • Heroes of the Track

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    Heroes of the Track Racing has gone through many changes since 1974, when it first started. Racecars were not equipped with safety features such as roll bars, cages and safety belts. When accidents occurred drivers were seriously injured or died. Over the years, steps have been taken to prevent major injuries. Race cars are now equipped with safety features and the drivers now wear suits that are made from flame retardant material, helmets and safety belts. Racetracks have also been modified

  • The "Mommy Track" Debate

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    The "Mommy Track" Debate As more and more women continue to move into the workplace, hot debate has arisen surrounding the issues of work and family balance. Many female managers and professionals with young families are leaving the fast track for what has become known as the “mommy track.” Today, as young people are applying for jobs, many now take into consideration a company’s values of a work and life balance. Some say that the pressures of maternity are becoming an obstacle for many

  • Microsoft IT Certification Tracks

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    Introduction: The Microsoft IT1 certification tracks, is a complete program that provides students with the Internet technology skills essential in a universal economy. Microsoft Certifications delivers class-based learning, online examinations, student follow ups, labs, instructor training and support. Launched in 1995 in the USA, the Microsoft Certifications spread to more than 200 countries and all over the United States and Canada. Over 1.000.000 students have enrolled at more than 16000

  • Track State Championship

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    Track State Championship The pit of my stomach felt as if it was being eaten away by gnawing insects inside. It wasn't just the ordinary butterflies but evil-biting insects. I was standing impatiently on the track quickly sliding further toward the inside as the incoming runner completed her handoff. Screaming encouragements, I waited for Rachel to make her way down the last stretch. We successfully completed our exchange of the baton and I was off. We arrived at Dutch Clark Stadium in Pueblo

  • Multi Track History

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    sounds onto each and play them back concurrently. The fact that both tracks would be on the same tape would mean they would be synchronised exactly. In classical music recordings of the 1950s, the early two track machines were first used and recorded in stereo. Two different mics would be used and these signals would be recorded simultaneously. Pop and jazz recordings however, remained in mono until the mid sixties. The first three track recorder is attributed to Les Paul who developed the system with

  • Louise Erdrich's Tracks

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    Louise Erdrich's Tracks In Louise Erdrich’s “Tracks';, the readers discovers by the second chapter that there are two narrators, Nanapush and Pauline Puyat. This method of having two narrators telling their stories alternately could be at first confusing, especially if the readers hasn’t been briefed about it or hasn’t read a synopsis of it. Traditionally, there is one narrator in the story, but Erdrich does an effective and spectacular job in combining Nanapush and Pauline’s stories. It is

  • Welfare Reform is on the Right Track

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    Welfare Reform is on the Right Track Over the last five years, thousands of people have worked their way off of welfare and have become independent. This is a great accomplishment which owes much of the credit to the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Act of 1996. By passing the TANF Act, a restriction was put on the amount of time a person could be on welfare. Under the TANF Act a person can no longer receive welfare once their five-year limit is reached. Although this does

  • Sports Narrative - Track Competition

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    Personal Narrative- Track Competition The moment of truth was upon me. The official times, this includes whom qualified for finals, for the 400m relay had been posted. My eyes scanned the page for the bold letters that spell ANDERSON. As I ran my finger across the page to where the times were posted, my ears began to shut out all outside noises, leaving me alone with the thump of my heart and the inhale and exhale of my lungs. Both began to increase in speed as my eyes narrowed in on the time

  • Use of Humor in Erdrich's Tracks

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    Use of Humor in Erdrich's Tracks An old adage claims that laughter is the best medicine to cure human ailments.  Although this treatment might sound somewhat unorthodox, its value as a remedy can be traced back to ancient times when Hypocrites, in his medical treatise, stressed the importance of  “a gay and cheerful mood on the part of the physician and patient fighting disease” (Bakhtin 67).  Aristotle viewed laughter as man’s quintessential privilege:  “Of all living creatures only man is