The Influence of Ethical Issues on Information Technology Usage

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The Influence of Ethical Issues on Information Technology Usage

Use of computers poses a new challenge for privacy. Privacy is a state of mind, specific place freedom from intrusion or control over the exposure of self of personal information (Czar, 2013). In this day and age, many new rules come into play on how to protect the privacy of the patient. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the importance of ethical use and the unethical issues faced with the use of technology, as well as the impact of specific and a broad range legislation on information technology.

Importance of ethical, legal, and regulatory issues and information technology

In nursing informatics, ethical principles play a prime role in our day to day patient care. Nursing has the ethical principles of beneficence, fidelity, nonmaleficence, autonomy, justice and veracity. These principles along with other provisions set a standard for nursing care. Nonmaleficence is the avoidance of harm or hurt; core of medical oath and nursing ethics (, 2013). This is a nurse’s primary obligation. In nursing informatics, nonmaleficence should be a main commitment. It is the reason privacy settings are set on computers; only authorized health care professionals are allowed to view certain information, so that confidentiality is preserved. Although more secure than paper, electronic medical records are problematic because they can be widely dispersed. (Simpson, R. L. (2006) Therefore, proper electronic documentation goes hand in hand with how these standards are kept. Modern technology and the use of computer programs are a great asset to the medical community and the patient. The code of ethics has to be applied to the IT world as well. The first rule...

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...entially and securely. Through following the ethical principles of nonmaleficence and fidelity a patient’s privacy and wellbeing can be maintain simultaneously. Even though privacy issues such as proper email and password sharing still arise we as nurses should still be advocates for promoting patient’s privacy and confidentiality. We as nurses have power of influence through various nursing organizations such as the ANA, and because of breaches in security opportunities have been made available for advancement in nursing informatics with a special concentration in cyber security. As health care professionals’ privacy, confidentiality and security are important elements that should not be violated. As our society continues to advance in technology, we as nurses should also be in a mindset of advancement to better serve and protect our patient’s privacy and wellbeing.
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