The Influence Of The Colonial Period In American Literature

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The Colonial Period The colonial period in American Literature was a time spanning from European settlements from the very beginning of the colonization of America to the transition or change into the United States of America. Where they created new and innovative ideas and thoughts that set them apart, especially in their writings. What was the goal of this all? People that wanted to colonize America came from many European places, they came prepared with a highly developed military, navy, government, and innovation ability. Europeans traveled to America to increase their money, power, and overall influence in international deals. The very first colony in America was Jamestown, Virginia. It was originally founded in 1607 by people coming to this new world to try and escape all of the harsh religious oppression and victimization of trying to practice religions outside of Great Britain’s own beliefs. Shortly after they arrived they were under severe conditions and were dying away as they had no good sources of food and were …show more content…

Without everything that happened during this time period we very well may not be living in the United States but rather a country under the control of England. The colonial period contained some of the best and most inspirational authors that still affect us today. The original goal of England to come here to grow in power, government, military, and overall world influence quickly changed and their plans fell through. The main reason for coming here for many individuals was for the freedom to practice religion and get away from the beliefs that were forced upon them in England. It was a way to free themselves and be able to do whatever they wanted. In the end of the subject, the Colonial Period was a turning point in our history and Literature that has changed our country

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