Jamestown and Plymouth

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566 words

The English had two main colonies in the new world, Jamestown and Plymouth. The first colony was Jamestown, established in Virginia in 1607. Jamestown was settled by Captain John Smith, and was named after King James I. Tobacco was the main export of Jamestown, and became the basis of the Jamestown economy, sending more than 50,000 lbs of the plan back to Europe by 1618 (textbook 46). Jamestown had a very rocky start, many colonists dying in the first few years of the settlement, and the settlers had many problems with natives. Shortly after the arrival of English colonists the Natives attacked them, and were finally forced back by a canon from the English. A very uneasy truce was finally settled between the natives, called the Powhatans, and the English (textbook 44-5). Economic growth and expanding their territories were the main priorities of the English in the Jamestown colonies. Plymouth was settled in Massachusetts in 1620 by colonists who came over from England to escape religious persecution. Plymouth is known today for the Salem Witch Trials and the story of Anne Hutchins...

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the english had two main colonies in the new world, jamestown and plymouth.
  • Explains that plymouth was settled in massachusetts in 1620 by colonists who came over from england to escape religious persecution. the salem witch trials are known for their hypocrisy and unfair rulings.
  • Compares the jamestown colony to the plymouth colony, which was settled for religious freedom. the self-interested colonists wanted land and money, while the puritans were greedy but did not wish to work.
  • Explains that both the english colonies in new england in the south and southeast resulted in total dominance over the area. both economic power and growth as well as religion played major roles in this time period, helping to create the powerful nation that we now call the united states

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