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The colonization of America began when many colonists and settlers from emigrated from Europe and began to settle into the North American colonies. Many came to the North American colonies to look for the opportunity of wealth by conquering and ruling land. Throughout the years, the transformation of the country changed drastically and experienced an era of remarkable growth. As the approach to the 18th century became closer, British America had developed a method of ruling and government in the North American Colonies and with time, America would want fight for their independence from the British. One key event that supported the move toward American Independence included the publication of an influential pamphlet, Common Sense, written by Thomas Paine. Common Sense highlighted the importance in conquering independence from Britain and gave colonists the devotion and self-fulfillment to keep fighting and achieving self-government. …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the colonization of america began when many colonists and settlers from emigrated from europe and began to settle into the north american colonies.
  • Explains that paine questioned british parliament and monarchy and shared that one honest man was more worth than all crowned ruffians.
  • Explains that common sense would be influential to declare independence and guide the second continental congress in creating a written constitution that we now call the declaration of independence.
  • Explains that common sense's objective was to put forth many arguments that revolution was necessary to succeed. paine made the importance of independence straight forward.
  • Explains the injustices that occurred when colonies were imposed taxations in which made colonists furious. this made them realize that britain could never be trusted.
  • Explains that common sense had a great impact and reached all classes of people over the colonies in short time. by spring 1776, this pamphlet gave american colonies the push they needed to fight for their independence of british rule.
  • Explains that paine's persuasive argument is one of many reasons why sever of britain was made possible. common sense united average people and political leaders to fight for one common cause.

Paine questioned British parliament and monarchy and also shared that “of more worth is one honest man to society and in the sight of god than all crowned ruffians that ever lived” (Paine, 1776). Colonies where under the rule of one king where liberty and honesty were very unlikely. When Paine wrote Common sense, he gave insight to a government with elections, where citizen’s rights could be protected with a written constitution (Foner, p.193). Common sense not only would be influential to declare independence but would also guide the Second Continental Congress in creating a written constitution that we now call The Declaration of Independence. The United States then became the only nation that offered the principle of universal freedom and taking into consideration the opinions of all

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