The Colonization of the New World

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Factors That Gave Rise to the Age of Exploration and Motives for Colonization in the New World
The Age of Exploration or Age of Discovery was a period in time from the early 15th century and lasted until the 17th century, during which Europeans began to travel by sea in search of new trade route to accommodate for the high demands for Asian goods in Europe. Advancements in technology lead Europeans to build improved ships and begin using new sailing techniques, creating new maps using the cartographer, and advances in astronomy by means of new tools such as the sextant to seek a viable trade route to Asia. They wanted a trade route that did not involve traveling through the Middle East and paying high taxes. Portugal had already established a route by going around the southern tip of Africa into India, and the other European nations wanted an even shorter route to the wealth.
After, Spain sent explorers who ended up discovering and conquering Native American Empires, when one explorer Christopher Columbus “discovered" the New World he returned to Spain with gold and other riches. The gold he looted caused a widespread rush to get the rest of the wealth, so the Spanish engaged in a massive mission to seize all the resources of the New World before anyone else could get to it. However they were not the only ones interested, Portugal, England, France and The Netherlands also heard of Spain's discoveries and keenly produced ships to sail the seas. These major European countries now began to colonize in the new world in order to obtain resources such as gold, spices, and timber as well as to gain glory for their respective empires, and to convert the Native Americans to Christianity. Mercantilism and its Effect on the Triangular Trade ...

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...ans, Similarly, Europeans introduced horses and pigs to the Americas. The Europeans brought many items the American Indians wanted and could use. However, in many cases this caused them to become dependent on the Europeans.
Europe was far more technologically advanced than the Native American people. Which was why they were successful in conquering areas in the Americas? Since the Europeans discovered that the Native Americans were limited to their technology they took the land so they could claim the new world for the country. The Colombian Exchange was also an exchange of idea that came. The Spanish and Portuguese were both finding ways to get convert the native population of the Americas to Christian while they were also learning more about the natives. They were learning about a whole new world of people that had their own languages, writings and ways of life.

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