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  • america

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    Americans/America America is it truly known to be the land of freedom, opportunity and different culture. Robert Hayden in his book of collected poems speaks about America and its different culture and problem. He explains by using different views and perspective to demonstrate what he think of America and Americans. In Robert Hayden “American Journal Hayden had a Alien go and observe America. The Alien explains that America is a country of multi-cultural difference and that Americans are very energetic

  • literature in America

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    When I think of America, I think of freedom. We live in a country where we can do what we choose. We can express our opinions and live our own lives. Individuals can form their own individual beliefs and they can do what they want and pursue what they wish. They can play basketball, go to school, get a job, have a family, buy a house, or go to church. We are free. We have opportunity to be whatever we want to make ourselves. When you ask, what is an American? I find it no different to ask, what is

  • Filipino Americas

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    Filipino Americans America is considered a melting pot of different ethnic groups. By today’s standard, “American culture” is the result of a variety of races integrating their own cultural beliefs into American society. Throughout the years, the United States has seen a massive increase of people migrating from Asian countries; “they make up 3.6 percent of the U.S. population, a 199 percent increase from 1980 when they constituted only 1.5 percent of the population” (Ng). Like other immigrants

  • Rudeness In America

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    In the last couple of years the rudeness of Americans has increased dramatically. It especially seems that the children of America have become ruder. This leads one to wonder if America will just become even ruder or will the manners of the American people improve. Each day at school encountering rudeness is common especially from students but also from the faculty. Walking through the busy hallways of the school is where encountering rudeness is the most likely to occur and probably will. While

  • Contradiction in America

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    “This is America, the place to find hope. If you give up now, you will never find them; so never say never.”—An American tail. From the very beginning America has had many views in its life. By some it’s great while for others it needs to be changed. But despite all of this America still holds ownership for what it will always be known as … a ray of hope. America has been (if not by some then by many) viewed as a sanctuary for those who needed an escape from the dark side of the world. America is the

  • Americas Segregation

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    America Segregation how has it been affecting the society of Americans for so long? Well according to American Apartheid there just hasn’t been enough time for the 1960s civil rights laws to work themselves out. How long will this take, and will it ever just work itself out? Why are there ghettos and how did they come about. Why are most ghettos in towns and cities in parts that are usually run down? Well if we can remember back in time when immigrants started to enter the United States the different

  • Poem Analysis: Let America Be America Again

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    Lauren Branham Mrs. Carter English 102 22 February 2016 Analysis of Let America Be America Again Let America Be America Again, written by Langston Hughes, was written to make a satirical statement about the American Dream. He uses personification, alliteration, and imagery to bring home his point that the “dream the dreamers dreamed” (Hughes ???) not only has never existed but will never truly exist for the common man. According to the speaker, assumed to be Hughes but in reality could be anyone

  • Art of the Americas and the Pacific

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    My friends, after traveling through the Asian continent and Japan, I continued on to the Americas. The art in the Americas has three regions, North America, Central America, and South America. Each region has a very distinct aspect to their forms of art. All cultures have some kind of art. Being curious about art, I have collected samples from five different areas. The following works of art are very different from European art, but there are still some similarities. The similarities of the

  • The Importance Of Greed In America

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    America has a culture of greed, selfishness and a system that rewards those characteristics. Success at any means necessary is the real American value the one that governs how people live, work and view the world. This frame of mind makes it ok to put other people down to build yourself up and measures success as the number of digits on a paycheck. All of this built upon greed, reinforced by incentive system that rewards a lack of humility, all of which leads to a society that has a few on top crushing

  • Americas Economic Debate

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    whole country is in? In the end it is the following generation that will unwillingly be endowed with this record high national debt and growing deficit. It is said that in America our government has marginal influence on our economy; that it does not get involved with our market. Laissez-Fair for example a core policy which America proudly claims to practice, and is included in every US History book in the nation seems to be just that... history. Such accusations are being heard across the nation as