The Influence Of Technology In My Life

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Technology is always changing as time and historical events pass. A hundred years ago no could have guessed that we would have running water, let alone electricity. Although technology has always impacted our lives, there are a few that come to mind and truly stand out. A few years ago I received my first “official” item of technology, an Apple iPod which eventually turned into an Apple iPhone. My parents believed in the idea of my siblings and I not owning a phone until we were freshmen in high school. Therefore, when I became a high school freshman my world changed for the better in most people’s eyes, but what most do not know it got worse. First, my digital “tone of voice” was beyond help, then my ability to pay attention in various situations decreased and then lastly, the motivation to do something different other than text people twenty-four seven was nonexistent.
When you think of a stereotypical teenage freshman girl the phrases “OMG”, “LOL” or “TTYL” probably come to mind. As much as I hate to admit it, that was me. I used about five
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Although I was a growing teenager my life at one point was not all that fast paced, exciting or containing a multitude of adventures. I would constantly become bored talking to people in the present or with whatever I was doing at that time. I had begun to text people just because I could. I would have absolutely no reason to be texting a friend from school how she was doing just because I was just too lazy to find an activity or two for me. I think about my essays and wonderful English teachers because there were days in which I decided that writing the essay or reading these five chapters was a bit too hard for myself. This was a huge mistake not only because my grade suffered, but because I had lost the motivation to do those homework assignments or to even help finish a chemistry or biology lab that was due at the end of
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