The Influence Of Puppy Training

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Puppy Training and Behavior
By Kevin Prague | Submitted On August 28, 2012

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Expert Author Kevin Prague
When you first take a new puppy home, it can be easy to get caught up and forget to teach and nurture. I mean - let's face it, it IS adorable. But as a new pet owner, you have a responsibility. That adorable little ball of fur and cuteness is a living creature with a psyche and emotions that have just begun
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We all want our puppy to grow up to be a social dog, able to play and interact with other dogs, animals, and humans. As such, a nice way of making steps towards this goal is exposing the puppy to other people and animals from a young age. This does not mean to throw them into a dog day care without any guidance; it means scheduling early play dates with other dogs or inviting people over to meet the pup. The dog may have moments of apprehension where it will feel timid and frightened of other dogs. It is important not to coddle puppies in these situations, as much as you want to. You are simply reinforcing the withdrawing behavior that with psychologically disconnect them from their own…show more content…
What IS an extremely viable option, if you simply not have the time to properly do it yourself, is a puppy training program. Puppy trainer programs will professionally train a puppy using the tenets indicated here, and more. The dog trainer will also make a particular emphasis on social behavior with other dogs to easily graduate the pup into dog walking programs where they can meet some canine friends and experience the outdoors in a healthy way when you are not home.

After the training program, when your puppy leaves the earliest stages of development, dog day care is a healthy and useful tool that will enable your dog to be taken care of while giving you the independence that your require to work and function. Raising your pet to maintain certain behaviors will ensure their healthy development and experience at dog day care, making for a healthy, happy dog. However, it all begins with enforcing the behaviors as a pup with puppy
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