The Conditioning For My Dog

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1) After watching an episode of The Office that had one of the characters use a distant form of classical conditioning with his coworker, I decided to try it myself. I had used my mouse to try this type of automatic conditioning. The unconditioned stimulus I used was a treat and the unconditioned response was salivating and eventually coming towards me. The conditioned stimulus I used was a ringtone from my phone. I used a short delay between the ringtone and the treat, which made the desired results successful. 2) Another form of conditioning I used was the operant conditioning for my dog. While I was training her to do some new tricks, I wanted for her to learn how to sit on her hind legs after I gave her a treat. The treat was the stimuli that increased the behavior of her sitting in that way. Through positive reinforcement, my dog new that whenever she would sit on her hind legs she would get a treat. Now whenever she wants food she sits on her hind legs since she learned the consequences of her behavior. 3) I have witnessed observational learning through watching my little cousin imitate what an infant-directed program was doing. He learned through paying attention to the character doing a dance move. He then retained the dance move before using motor reproduction to imitate the move. Afterwards he did get up and recreate the move through his own way, by having the positive and entertaining motivation from the character of the program. 4) Every time I used to see a scattered image and not realizing what the image was at first, but after spending time seeing it and finally getting a picture I never knew that its was a part of processing. The type of process that takes place when not being aware of something, but after consi... ... middle of paper ... ...eded the contact between her mother and it lead my cousin to start crying. 10) For one of my classes this semester, I had to create a zine that required me to use my creativity to get it finished. When I read the stages that mostly occur when being creative in our text, it greatly resembled my processes of doing the zine project. I prepared through brainstorming ideas and concepts that related to the course material. Once I got frustrated with trying to figure out more ideas, I went into the incubation stage that followed me focusing on another assignment rather than the zine. After setting time aside from the zine and looking at new and different material that was when the insight stage began and I was bombarded with new ideas. Finally, I entered the verification stage and it made it possible for me to figure out new ideas that made it possible to finish the zine.
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