How To Train Your Dog

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Training your dog is the most important part of canine companionship. A happy dog is one who has structure and boundaries. Dogs are pack animals, and as such, they need guidance in the behavior that you expect from them. If you don't follow through in this leadership role, then the dog will naturally feel as if it is his place to do so. A dog that understands that you are the leader will naturally be easier to train. Establish Leadership You want your dog to understand that you are the person to look to when they question what is right or wrong. This is done by being firm, yet kind with the dog. You don't want your dog to listen to you out of fear, but out of respect. Setting boundaries is very important in gaining respect. Sit down with your family and discuss what is and what is not appropriate for the dog to be doing. Perhaps you have no problem with a dog on the furniture, but kitchen entrance is not allowed. Remain Consistent Now that you have established appropriate boundaries for behavior, you need to enforce those boundaries. Allowing unacceptable behavior encourages the same. When your dog does something inappropriate, you have to let him know that you do not accept that behavior. You must use the same approach every time so that you create a disciplining routine. If you vary the approach, then the dog learns that some behavior “might” be acceptable on occasion, while other behavior is “off-limits”. You want the dog to understand that inappropriate behavior is never acceptable. Instill a Routine for Correction First, use a firm “No!” as a verbal cue (yelling is not necessary; try just lowering your voice a notch and speaking clearly). If your dog repeats the offense within minutes of the first correction, rep... ... middle of paper ... ...ant to avoid fillers, preservatives, and artificial ingredients. A great idea for a healthy training treat is small bits of dried sweet potato. Use a Leash Some dogs are simply stubborn. With these types, it may take extra diligence on your part to succeed in training. Keep your dog leashed, even in house. By having a tether to your dog, you can easily redirect him from doing something he shouldn't without having to always revert to a time-out in the his crate. Show Love While you need your dog to understand that you are the leader, this does not mean that you must be cold or refrain from affection. Your dog will learn to respect you even quicker if you show him that not only are you responsible for guiding him, but also for taking care of him. A dog is a very loyal animal. When he realizes that you want the best for him, he will try to give his best to you.

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