The Pros And Cons Of Animal Dilemmas

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759 words

There are plenty controversial issues about bully breeds and whether they are acceptable or safe dogs to own. In July a woman was mauled in her yard and killed by a dog in Montreal. Due to this unfortunate incident the mayor Denis Coderre created a bill called BSL (Breed-Specific Legislation) which was approved by the legislation. This bill states that determined by their breed or pitbull features “American Pitbull Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, American Bulldogs or any dog with strains of these breeds” will be unadoptable; they must wear a muzzle in public as well as a leash that’s 4 feet long and in most cases they will be euthanized due to their breed. BSL should be reversed because the real problem is irresponsible dog owners, the irresponsible owners will just switch breeds and any dog has the potential to hurt someone. Are these dogs misunderstood? In reality a dog is a reflection of its human, they see you as a pack leader they are who you raise them to be no matter the breed. If you neglect your puppy by chaining them up outside their whole life or keep them in …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Argues that bsl (breed-specific legislation) should be reversed because the real problem is irresponsible dog owners.
  • Opines that dogs are a reflection of their human nature and that laws should not be enacted to say what people cannot have dogs.
  • Explains that out of 256 dog bite fatalities 84% were done by males who weren’t fixed, 76% were used as guard dogs and 20% were owner by owners with history of animal abuse.
  • Explains that dogs descend from the wolf family and can be lethal, with strength and intelligence combined. any dog has the potential to harm someone.
  • Opines that we need to change the way we view pitbulls before its too late. ten years has gone by since ontario first governed laws banning the pitbull but dog bites are on the rise.

By being uneducated we blame dogs for what owners do to them. With that being said bad pet owners will continue to get dogs, if Pitbulls are banned they will switch breeds. This teaches nothing. The reason most of these dog’s attack is because they were brought up to do so. Whether they are used as guard dogs, fighting dogs or trained poorly it will continue on with any breed. Banning one breed sends an upswing in popularity to other breeds of dogs to attack people or other animals. So when will this stop? When will people understand that this wont change with banning breeds but with how we educate ourselves on facts and stop

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