The Industrial Revolution in Europe

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The Industrial Revolution in Europe changed Europe to this day. This began in the United Kingdom in the 1700s and expanded to Western Europe in the 1800s. During the Industrial Revolution, this provided new technology, a surplus of food, trading and different ways of producing goods for countries. The women and children in Europe had to work hard and work in the mills. They did this to give enough money for their family to live on. Politics also changed during the Industrial Revolution. Thus, the Industrial Revolution affected many people and to discover new technology and ways of thriving life.
Before the Industrial Revolution, there were many hard times for families. All of this changed when the Industrial Revolution happened. Women and children had to work in mills. Even though they worked in dreadful conditions, they were happy that they could make money for their family. They earned more money, ate better and lived longer. Although there were many casualties because of the workers getting stuck in the machine.
Politics had another strong impact in the industrial revolution in Europe. “In the 1800s, workers wanted a say in their government” (“The Industrial Revolution” 413). A new idea started called socialism. Socialism wanted better treatment for factory workers so they wouldn’t have to work in horrible conditions and for the sickly and the poor people. One of the people who helped this happen was Karl Marx. Karl Marx wanted all the workers to rise up against the wealthy. He also wanted to create state-controlled economic systems and a society with no

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Another way they stopped an end to horrible working places is they made the Union. The labor unions began in the...

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...own industrial Revolution after. In conclusion, the Industrial Revolution impacted the world and gave us technology that would help us in the future.

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