The Effects on the Industrial Revolution

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The effects on society due to the industrial revolution varied on the person. Working during this area varied on what you liked to do versus what you had to do. People who liked their work didn’t usually have to do that job, but people forced to work didn’t really like their job or just had a bad job overall. While some might argue that industrialization had primarily positive consequences for society because of how America shaped and changed all of it to improve the way people work today, it was actually a negative thing for society. Industrializations negative effects were bad working conditions, long and strenuous hours, injury and even death took it role on the society during this time.
First, during the industrial revolution, bad working conditions were almost for sure. So many people had been stuck with a dangerous job, and on top of that the way they worked was even worse. Even little kids had to work in these terrible conditions. Children were forced to work where adults had a hard time working, mostly things that were easier so that way it wasn’t too complicated to where they couldn’t do it or slowed production. People took pictures to show how children worked in industries and factories. Lewis Hine was one of the people who took pictures. In one of his photographs he captures how just kids are working on big machines, these kids are running around these factories barefoot and with no protective gear on (Hine, 1908). Most of these kids are working for money around machines most parents today wouldn’t let their 16yr old kid go near. Many of these bad working conditions caused people to lose an arm or a leg, literally! Because people would work on machines without safety equipment and get their hand or arm caught in a belt...

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...cted and die or get very sick. Long hours caused people to be overworked and some committed suicide cause they couldn’t handle the stress of long hours and being away from their families, and this also is included in loss of family stability.
The Industrial Revolution did a lot of harm on society and damage to the citizens of the working class. People’s lives were ruined and others were ended due to the fact that this was just generally hard on the people of this time. Citizens had it rough when this era was around and people who lived and survived in this time had a strong will to keep pushing and just work on. Not all jobs at this time were terrible, but speaking for the majority of the workers, it was a really hard time.

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