The Good The Bad And The Ugly Analysis

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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly An Analysis on the lives of the Upper, Middle, and Lower classes during the Industrial Revolution I have fully upheld Delbarton’s Honor Code in letter and spirit. Signature: Anthony Farinacci Anthony Farinacci Feb. 12, 2014 European History Mr. Gentine Delbarton School Before the Industrial Revolution, Great Britain made minuscule changes to society and the economy was slow. Once 1750 began, Britain was on the verge of having an Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution shifted Britain from an agricultural society to an industrial society. Many other countries tried to follow Britain and have their own Industrial Revolution, but some were not as successful. Even though the peasants had a rough life during the Industrial Revolution, it did benefit the middle and upper classes. The Industrial Revolution had an everlasting effect on European society because some of the advancements that were made are still used today. During the Indu... ... middle of paper ... ...onized the manufacturing of cotton and opened up new industries. Arthur Young who lived during the Industrial Revolution had a very powerful quote about Watt. He said, “ In what path of life can a man be found that will not animate his pursuit from seeing the steam-engine of Watt?" James Watt changed the course of the Industrial Revolution with his invention of the Steam Engine. The upper class gained much revenue from the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution in Great Britain truly effected Europe in different ways. The peasants worked long hours and lived in poor conditions. The middle class lived modest lives and sometimes were promoted to the upper class. The upper class greatly benefited with the new advancements in technology. The Industrial Revolution helped make Europe a more advanced place, even though it did have some flaws.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes the lives of the upper, middle, and lower classes during the industrial revolution.
  • Explains that the middle class worked as artisans and craftspeople during the industrial revolution. they helped europe advance in technology with the small businesses they worked in.
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