The Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution. The industrial revolution took place in the late 18th century, and the most changes were in the fields of agriculture, transportation and the country’s economic growth. It then spends widely throughout Europe, North America and the rest of the world. First of all, the industrial revolution was an enormous time in the history. The employment was on a rise and reached a peak. It also lead the rural-urban migration by the people in search of good jobs, better standard of living, education and so on. The huge buildings corporations attracted people towards it. The number of cities with populations more than 10,000 in England rose at the end of the century 19th. The technological change made the growth of capitalism. The entrepreneurs who manipulated the production rapidly became richer. The invention of the Morden technology in industry such as machines inspired the economic growth of the country and it doubled the purchasing power and also the total national income in the years of 1800 and 1900. In the start of the 19th century the mechanization of the textile industries in the Great Britain was placed from the previous manual work done by the workers. The increasing use of refined coal and iron-making techniques lead the industries in search of minerals from the silent places. The trade revolution was enabled by the introduction of railways, canals and roads for the better transferring of the goods from one place to another and also improved the infrastructure development of the country. Foreign trade created a greater demand for the manufactured goods. Coal became the key to success for the growing industries; it was used to produce the steam power on which the industries were depended upon in Britain. ... ... middle of paper ... ... public by the discovery of radio waves. The discovery of radioactivity helped marine curve towards another discovery of nuclear bomb. During the 1800’s over 70,000 chemical compounds were broken down. Petroleum begun to use widely in the power supply as gasoline was used for transportation but the steam engines was most liked way of transporting as it was faster than the others. Socialists were reformers who wanted to construct a better life for the workers; some of the owners raised the pay which increased the worker’s working skills more efficiency. The future of automated business is very bright in terms of machines, mostly nowadays the companies depend on its machines rather than the manpower. The machines in industries brought into more wealth and power but what consequence? People working like dogs and paid little as per their contribution in the industry.

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