Effects Of The Industrial Revolution

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Industrial revolution was a change fromform the use of hands to the over time machines. The industrial revolution is a term that originated from Britain that was later chopped by Americans and implemented in the Americas. The industrial revolution had began in Northeast, by Samuel Slater. Industrial revolution is always symbolized by factories and industries. In Northeast, Rhode Island had became the first textile industry. Industrial revolution was a huge success for the Americans economically. Even Though there were some stances where there were doubts raised in the minds about the economy, but it was major success due to the influential factors. The 19th century transformation of the American economy was greatly influenced by the technology…show more content…
In the 19th centuries, during the transformation of the Americas’ economy, one of the major influences that had fueled the change was advancement and discovery of new technology. There were inventions of new products. Technological ideas the fastened the change in economy were ideas of iron and steel productions also referred to as the “Bessemer Process.” Another thing that raised the speed of the growth was construction of Railroads. This spurs development. Another item that also sped up the process was the discovery of oil. During this time, there was also discovery of airplane. In fact this technological advances were important in the transformation of the American economy was because each of them played a major role in speeding up the grown of economy. The production of steel and iron though the “Bessemer Process” helped to produce the products in a large amount which was used to build the skyscrapers. The railroads had influenced the American economy growth in a huge impact in a way that, it helped in transportation, easy access of raw materials to markets and factories. In addition, in the 1880’s there were 150,000 miles of railway tracks that raised the national economy. Additionally, oil discovery had began in Pennsylvania and had helped runned trains and planes. LastlyLastely for technology, there was also development of airplane which aided in transportation. Technology had…show more content…
Firstly, the factories are know for pollution of air and water. It also leads into poverty since do due to the no government help. Factories also caused corruption in the owners. The factories were running day and night that had totally destroyed the air though pollution. And and also the disposal of harmful waste products in the water sources. During this time there was also an introduction of an act, “Laissez faire,” this had stated that government could not interfere in people’s life and this had caused a major impact in people's lives. The people were also affected due to poverty because of low wages but harsh working conditions and long hours. Poverty had also made children work. Since all the remaining money was going in the owners pocket, it had made them corrupted. The factories did have good influences on the transformation but there were also negative impacts that delayed in transformation of America’s economy. In conclusion, the transformation of America’s economy had led to many outcomes such as the industrialization of America. It gave a different look on to America both physically and financially. The revolution of America’s economy was successful because
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