The Importance of Hitler

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Adolf Hitler- the name of whom once trembled the minds of people and made one to remember one of the most inhumanely cruelty and crimes that the Nazis had ever committed in history of the world. The scar of horrible acts from Hitler and Germany forever remained on those who experienced the haunting war. The entire world was astonished to see what Germany was capable of doing under Hitler’s command. The Aryan, Lebensraum, a-thousand-year Reich were ideas that drove Hitler into the vicious leader of Germany. Many did not fully grasp the success of Hitler’s achievements in World War I despite many difficulties Germany had to face after World War I. In order to truly understand the famous Fuhrer’s success, one must understand that Hitler was more than any ambitious dictator with aspiring dreams for his beloved nation, but he was also a very persuasive man with an extremely brilliant mind, a strong influential leader and a master of warfare tactics as well as the art of propaganda.
Such a mastermind behind the Nazis force was once a child with a difficult life. During most of his childhood, he lived a very reserved and different life from others. On April 20, 1889, Hitler was born in Braunau am Inn, a town located near the borders of Austria-Hungary. As a son of fifty-two year old Alois Schickelgruber Hitler and his third wife, Klara Hitler, a twenty-eight year old peasant girl, Adolf Hitler was a resentful and disgruntled child. Growing up with lack of affection from his strictly father, Hitler’s hostility became deeply toward him over the years. However, he was very attached to his mother, who was a kind and hardworking woman. Even though Hitler’s grades in elementary school were good, he did not satisfy his harsh father with poor m...

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...ieg. Under Hitler’s command, The Germany’s army could not be underestimated as it knocked down country by country.
Hitler will always be remembered in history as the vicious dictator who started World War II. The crimes that he committed could never be erased from human kind. Even at the last minutes of his life, Hitler still believed that everything he did was out of his obligation of Germany and the Third Reich. The famous Fuhrer was totally convicted that his actions were justifiable. Hitler was indeed a very intelligent man and a clever strategist during his influential reign over Germany. He utilized his skills to gain the enormous support in just a few years. Being the great Fuhrer of Germany, Hitler played an essential role to the revival of the nation. If it was not for Hitler, Germany could had never gone so far, and gotten its achievements in World War II.
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