The Existence of Mankind is a Wicked Blessing

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The existence of mankind is a wicked blessing with the full capability to uphold good intentions, but human nature drives us to do otherwise, going beyond moral constraints into the depths of corrupt curiosity. The idea can be more crisply summarized in the words of Bill Bryson “It’s an unnerving thought that we may be the living universe’s supreme achievement and its worst nightmare simultaneously.” Bryson obviously sees the aptitude of the human race but still acknowledges the flaws that make people much less than perfect. One thing that sets humans apart from animals is their ability to think. The creation of nuclear weapons is a product of human intellect and is an example of its ability. But the accomplishment has lead to the fear of nuclear war, which would be the end of mankind and possibly Earth itself. Another example is communist dictator, Adolf Hitler. Hitler is a political figure that came into power after the fall of Germany. He promised Germans the complete reconstruction of the country to its prior reign. Hitler became too power hungry and it eventually led to his fall. Also, the development of various types of drugs (predominantly meant for good) has caused both relief and infliction in the world.
A wonderful aspect of humans is the ability to adapt, think, and perform in various circumstances and conditions. The human brain contains so much potential that 90% of it cannot even be accessed by people and yet the 10% invents, innovates, and operates at an immense scale. Yet in some circumstances and conditions this ability can be fatal. For example, during World War II the United States began the Manhattan project that sought to create a bomb that would be extremely damaging to the enemy, Japan. They succeeded in creating a nuclear bomb. This was a pivotal moment in history. The aftermath of the bombing was so appalling that the effects are still seen today. After further research and experimentation, scientists have been able to create atomic bombs that have the potential to wipe out the entire Earth at least twice. This could indeed be the universe’s “worst nightmare”.
Adolf Hitler came into the lime light as a man with a totally reputable objective and the antidote for poverty in Germany after the war. Hitler actually seemed to be living up to his word as he rebuilt the country and so Germans gave his more and more power.

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