The Importance of Customers' Geographic Divisions

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Geographic Divisions
One of the important factors concerning your business’s customers is their geographic divisions. Where your customers are is as important as who they are or what they want. In fact, in some cases, those factors are highly aligned.
For example, a pizza shop would do well to open near a college, providing the students quick and cheap sustenance. Placed a mere mile away, it would fail. The area around the college, while not marked on any map, was its own geographical area, with different customers from the surrounding areas.
Where your customers are determines where the best location for your business to be is. It determines the costs of your business and the expected profits. In addition, it determines whether your business will be successful. Whether your business is a pizza shop that only delivers to the neighborhood or a large textile company that sells to multiple overseas companies, being cognizant of your customer’s geographic locations and divisions is important.
Where your customers are directly impacts delivery costs, as well as brings up possible legal issues.

Moment of truth
In Customer Service, a ‘Moment of Truth’ is an interaction that a customer has with a company that gives the customer a chance to make an impression about the company. Moments of truth may happen when a customer interacts with a company’s product, speaks to their sales people, opens their bill, or even has to call their technical support staff.
A customer who comes away from a Moment Of Truth with a positive experience is likely to recommend the product or service to others, as well as buy or use them again themselves. This leads to increased sales and customer loyalty. On the other hand, a customer who has an unpleasant Mo...

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...d weaknesses and to be more confident.
‘Self-Management’ is the ability to control your emotional impulses in healthy ways, allowing you to take initiative and follow through on commitments.
‘Social Awareness’ means being able to understand the emotions and needs of others, thus allowing you to feel more comfortable socially
Finally, ‘Relationship Management’ lets you know how to make and keep healthy relationships, fostering the ability to work well in groups and inspire and influence others.
Having a high ‘EQ’ means that you excel at communicating effectively, relate to others better, and can achieve greater success at work and in personal relationships. It also means that you can interact with customers more effectively. By being able to judge their emotional state, and respond appropriately, you can quickly build rapport, leading to a positive Moment Of truth.
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