Cogeco Cable Canada

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Based on all three articles, Cogeco’s reputation for customer service has received a positive rating. Cogeco is a success because they take pride on customer relationships. Customers are at the heart in an enterprise, and what makes Cogeco so unique is its blend of tangible and intangible goods and services that are offered for its customers. Cogeco offers a wide variety of products and services that cater to the customer’s unique needs. They offer both their commercial and residential customers, both business partners and non-business partners various telephone service packages, television packages and internet service packages. Moreover, Cogeco offers high quality customer service from their call centers. For example, Cogeco provides residential customers the choice to customize their home phone packages with various calling features at competitive rates (Marketwired,2014). As per the duty of a Customer Service Representative, it is his or her job to help that customer find the product or service that caters to their needs and wants. Along with that, a Customer Service Representative should listen to and answer the customer’s questions that are relevant to their product purchase. Once the Customer Representative has accomplished all these tasks, they start to develop a rapport with their client. Establishing relationships with customers is relationships fosters a positive reputation for the organization and creates trust and loyalty to the customer. Because of Cogeco’s outstanding customer service reputation, the firm has been awarded four times for Highest Customer Service Satisfaction by the Service Quality Measurement in the telecommunications and television category (Cogeco,2014). When ... ... middle of paper ... ...sier it is to figure out the right solutions for that customer. Empathy is one of the qualities that a Customer Representative should display when customers have problems. By putting oneself in the customer’s shoes, it is easier to understand what they are going through. Works Cited Cogeco. Support: Highest Customer Satisfaction Award. 2014.Retrieved from "" " Cogeco Cable Extends its Home Phone Service in Valcourt. Marketwired (2014) ProQuest. Wed. 5 Feb. 2014. "OnePosting Selects Cogeco Data Services' Cloud Infrastructure to Power its E-Invoicing Solution." Marketwired (2014) ProQuest. Web. 5 Feb. 2014. “ Cogeco Cable Canada Honoured by Service Quality Measurement Group, Inc. (“SQM Group”) for the Quality of its Customer Service in 2013”. Marketwired (2014) ProQuest. Wed. 5 Feb. 2014
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