The Importance Of Single-Sex Education

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Some studies also show that single-sex institutions are bad for the emotional health of males. They believe the reasons why some men don’t understand women is because they went to a single-sex-schools. According to (Garner, 2009), single-sex schools are more likely to be separated or divorced from their partner than those who attended a coed school when they are in their early 40s. Also, the results in a research done among the studying cohort of all those born in a single week of 1958 from London university institute of education which covered 17000 adults showed that boys that attended co-ed schools are less able to relate to the opposite sex compared to those who attended coed schools (Garner, 2009). Even though some of the arguments made by the advocates of single gender is significant to some extent, single-sex education system has proven to be much more effective. Firstly, students at single sex school are known to have better academic performance than those in single sex school. For instance, a research was done by researchers at Stetson University did a three-year pilot project at Woodward Avenue Elementary School (a nearby pubic school) comparing co-ed classrooms with single sex classrooms. The relevant parameters where matched: all teachers had same training, demographics were the same, same class sizes etc. The results: thirty seven percent of boys in coed classes scored proficient compared to eighty-six percent of boys that scored proficient in single-sex classes, fifty-nine percent of the girls in co-ed classes scored proficient compared to the seventy-five percent in single sex classes (The evidence, n.d). According to (Spielhofer, Donnell, Benton, Schagen, & Schagen, 2002), a research commissioned to the “National F... ... middle of paper ... ...ry, 2001). Furthermore, single-sex education doesn’t just improve students’ academic performance, it also helps in creating more well-rounded people. Single sex has been shown to widen students’ horizons, allow them to freely explore their interests without gender stereotypes constraints. Moreover, single-sex schools should not be seen as a competition for coed schools. It can be seen as an alternative for students that are lagging behind. In this essay, I have advocated the advantages of singe gendered education which includes better academic performance of boys and girls in single-sex schools, learning differences in male and female, production of well more rounded people etc. The points of the advocates of the co-ed system was also significant but single sex schools still turn out to be more effective. Therefore, single sex schools are better than coed schools.

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