The Benefits of Single Sex Education

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"Ok class. Now that we have taken role, lets talk about our next reading assignment. We will be reading Holes by Louis Sachar. This book is about a boy named Stanley Yelnats who is falsely accused of steeling a pair of sneakers and is sent to a boy's juvenile detention camp for his punishment. This camp is called Camp Greenlake, which is ironic because there is not a lake in sight and nothing is green. There is a vast desert where everyday John! Will you please turn around in your seat and pay attention! Where was I? Oh yes, there is a vast desert where everyday the boys in the camp dig, John! Please come sit in the front of the class. Melissa and Susan please quit talking!'

"But we were only discussing the book!"

"Please be quiet right now. Oh, Lets move on to math, since no one would like to pay attention. Please take out you homework assignment. John, what is the answer to number one?"

"5 6!"

"That is correct. Very good! Susan, what is the answer to number two?"

"AaaaÉummmÉwellÉI think it is 112."

"That is correct! Who would like to answer question threeÉ"

This problem occurs in schools everywhere and is starting to become more evident in today's society. The problem is that boys and girls learning potential are not being reached when put into the same teaching atmosphere. Girls seem to be out smarting boys in many classes. While boys excel in math and sciences and girls seem to be better in English. The styles in which boys and girls feel comfortable with are extremely different. The learning styles of girls usually contain socializing and context. For instance, most girls like to talk in small groups about the current discussion. They also like hands on activities or real life situations to compare things to. Boys are confrontational and formal. They need to be challenged by their teachers to help motivate them to become better students and be prepared. In contrast girls do not like to be confronted by teachers who are asking for an immediate answers. In most cases, girls seem to be more reserved and modest than boys about their intelligence ("What are someÉ) are. Their differences may not seem evident but make a difference to reaching their highest learning potential.

Every day, coed classes across America cannot compensate for these different learning styles.

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