The Importance Of Sex Education

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As human beings we all know that sex is a big part of our lives. It is how we reproduce. Unlike generations in the past, sex is more openly discussed today than ever before. Advertisements, media, newspapers, and celebrities are all promoting sex. In short, most teens become sexually active in high school. They can`t seem to get enough of sex and it definitely inquires our minds, increasing our adrenaline and paralyzing our initial sense. Once you hit puberty your senses are aroused and you began to become very curious. How young is too young to know about sex, or to engage in sex? For my research paper I wanted to go into more detail about sex education being taught in schools and by parents. Who does the responsibility fall under? Should it be taught at home by parents or at school by teachers? Parents attempts at sexual education leaves teenagers curious, misinformed and more at risk to find themselves facing the reality of disease and unplanned pregnancies. Therefore, sex education should remain a part of middle and high school public education curriculums.
Teen pregnancies have seemed to become a trend around the country and are still on the rise. Some teens are educated by their parents about sex educations, but others are influenced by their peers. As a freshman in college the realization of how sexually active my peers are became more surreal. With unplanned pregnancies, std’s, and aids on the rise, unprotected sex has become a huge issue. It still failed to convey the message to students. You can always visit a local health department and get information about sex. How beneficial is sex education in schools if teen pregnancy is on the rise?
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...responsibility away from the family. The biggest disadvantage is that there is no guarantee that the person teaching it has a healthy attitude about sex. Some people feel as if the handing out of condoms may also encourage kids to have sex.
After reviewing my sources, I came to the conclusion that sexual education should be taught in school, and can be quite helpful to a certain extent. It can also be an aid to influence teens to try it. I think that it is an appropriate source to educate teenagers on the possible std`s an unplanned pregnancies. I do not feel as if sex education in school is necessarily promoting sex, but influencing teenagers to make the right decisions and where to get more information if they need it. Sex education gives insights on the positive and negative. In conclusion, it is better to be over informed than clueless about such a risky topic.
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