The Importance Of Sexism In School Dress Codes

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When most people think of sexism, they picture men blatantly disrespecting women and women doing nothing about it. They picture a female making less money than her equally qualified male counter. They picture a man getting hired over a woman. When most people think of sexism, most people think of the obvious and easy to spot examples. Contrary to popular belief, sexism is quiet and often goes unnoticed. In a world where virtually every woman has experienced sexism in one form or another, one would think change is inevitable, yet sexism persists and is arguably growing worse in intensity. In order to put a stop to sexism, it must be handled where it starts- secondary schools. In a place where women are supposed to be learning, girls are instead…show more content…
Within school dress codes, girls are being deprived of any opportunities to make their own decisions. Barbara C. Cruz, author of School Dress Codes, A Pro/Con Issue, writes of such ideas. She writes, “Some opponents also claim that by being required to wear uniforms, students are deprived of an important opportunity to make choices and set limits for themselves” (47). While Cruz writes of school uniforms, the same ideology can be applied to school dress codes- students, girls in particular, cannot make choices for themselves and are suffering the consequences. When girls are taught to consider the actions of others, they pay less attention to their own actions and thus lose their sense of…show more content…
Many school officials do not realize the long term effects of sexual harassment on female students. As the University of Calgary reports, many female students report physical symptoms after experiencing sexual harassment. These symptoms range from nausea, irritability, depression, and lower levels of success in school. They also report the psychological effects on these students. They comment, “These interactions have the overall effect of teaching girls to view themselves as ‘objects’ in a world defined by male experience”. (Cairns and Luft). Not only are female students physically suffering from the harassment they have endured, they are also developing mind sets in which they believe they are only around for male pleasure. This type of mindset is prohibiting young girls from trying to learn. They feel they cannot succeed as they are automatically inferior to their male
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