The Importance Of Dress Code

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Alyssa Norden Princess Storrer AP Composition 20 May 2014 Dress Codes: More Than Just Clothing Regulations Schools all over the world have created and enforced dress codes. Some schools are more relaxed than others; however, they all share the common theme of regulating what students can and cannot wear during the school day. But what happens when the latest fashion trends completely compromise the implemented dress code? That is the problem student’s-particularly young women- are facing in today’s society. The overwhelming increase in dress code violations has brought to light another issue associated with the codes: sexism. More and more, young women are being targeted and punished for dress code violations. While this may be due to the fact that fashion in today’s society is all about tight clothes, it could also lead to more long-lasting and sinister consequences. The rules set in place by schools prevent students and teachers from being “offended” or “distracted” by what these girls are wearing; however, this also lends to rape culture and making girls believe it is their fault if they receive unwanted male attention, as well as leading boys to think their behavior is okay. Dress codes send the message that it is a girl’s fault of anything bad happens to her due to her “suggestive” clothing. Tight clothes are the status quo. It is popular in American culture to show off curves and allow women to express themselves and show off their bodies with tight-fitting jeans and crop tops. While girls should know what is and is not appropriate for school, sometimes it is hard to meet dress code standards with the fashion trends of today. Loose-fitting or non-skinny jeans are hard to find for teens and pre-teens anymore, and leggings com... ... middle of paper ... ... they like, and clothes are a part of that. While dress codes are a necessity in schools to regulate what is and is not appropriate for the learning environment, the fact that they place blame on females for how they are treated because of their clothing is completely sexist and unfair. Hardly ever is a boy busted for wearing athletic shorts or bro-tanks when he should not be, but as soon as a girl wears leggings or shows her shoulders, she is persecuted and given punishment. This is about as unfair as school systems can be, and it also sends the message to girls that what they perceive as being cute and fashionable is perceived by others as “offensive” and that it is their fault for anything bad that happens to them. These ideas should be changed so girls do not have to feel guilty and boys can stop thinking that their behavior in these situations is acceptable.

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