The Importance Of Personal Relationships

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It is very difficult to have a good relationship with people that take everything personally. It makes it hard because you have to tip toe around them constantly, measuring the words you say so they are not offended by something you might have said inadvertently and they took it as direct offense. When people take things personally like that, it makes me wonder about what they think of themselves, how they see themselves, like the world is out to get them and they have to constantly defend themselves from the attacks of others. Give me a break! Love yourself for God 's sake! Stop putting the blame on others for you insecurities. If you have loving people around you that have proven they care about you, then why do you have to go and take a…show more content…
I am one of them. As I write this now I 'm realizing that I don 't tell people how I truly feel and I tolerate many things, making me passive aggressive and avoidant, which is exactly what bothers me from other people .

The truth is, this is about being honest and facing rejection. The fear of rejection is so deeply ingrained in us that it can mask itself as many things, like righteousness, "being concerned", perfectionism, or avoidance, but it hurts people and creates mistrust. I tiptoe around people so much that I created this bubble around me that others see but can 't penetrate. It makes me tired too.

I used to be very straight forward before I moved to the States but then I kept offending people and it made me weary of ever being honest again. If someone is open to receive feedback and asks directly, then I can tell them carefully what I see but if they don 't, I tend to help without being asked but getting the same ugly results. My intention is to channel this differently. I can 't counsel my friends, they are not asking for it, and I need to stop looking for things I can help others with and keep the focus on myself and my
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