My Personality In Campus Life

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In terms of sociability as a personality trait, I have not changed very much since high school. During my adolescent years, I was very sociable, which made it possible for me make a wide variety of friends from differing class, racial, and think backgrounds. However, it must be noted that I have become more organizationally involved with campus life by joining recreational student organizations. In high school, I was not the “class president” type of personality, which often kept me out of “civic” aspects of student administration, and other organizations. In college, however, I have learned to partake in different student organizations, which given me greater responsibility in the college community. This is one aspect of the more aggressive…show more content…
I usually a very open and understanding person with the ability to trust individuals based on their loyalty and commitment to long-term relationships. This is a really good aspect of my personality, which brings me greater social opportunities and options in the voice of friends and romantic relationships. of course, this part of the sociality of my personality, which can also get me into trouble, at times, with people that I do no want in my life. Some of the bad choices I made in high school involved having too much compassion for person that behaving in a dysfunctional manner. For instance, I would often talk with people had serious issues, drug addictions, being arrested, etc.) because I felt that I could help them resolve these issues. In many cases, these individuals would often ”turn on me” because they had issues with anger, distrust, and resentment towards others. In college, I am learning to retain compassion for those that suffer from dysfunctional lifestyles, but I am also realizing that I do not have to “help them” get out of their current situation. In the future, this will be a good way to prevent troublesome people (that do not want to help themselves) from interfering with my own happiness. I think this will help me become a more discerning person, which will help me make better choices in the future in terms of family, career, and social life. Today, I am learning to modify the “bad behavior” of associating with dysfunctional people that are not willing to help themselves as part of sociality of my personality in college
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