The Importance Of Oral Communication Strategies

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Introduction: Communication strategy is strategy that learners use to overcome these problems in order to convey their intended meaning. It is the transmission of message from the leaner to the teacher or the society in understandable manner. A strategy is a possible means of problem-solving that the users select because it works effectively and they are most comfortable with it (Swan 2008. 262). Communication strategies are the steps taken by language learners in order to enhance the effectiveness of their communication (Littlemore. 2003. 331-347). Communicative strategies not only play an important role in communication but they also contribute to second language acquisition. Communicative strategies (CS) can help to keep the communication…show more content…
Its purpose is to investigate how cultural background and target language proficiency affect L2 Chinese learners’ choice of oral communication strategies. The study applied on participants, they were 176 CFL learners (69 males and 107 females) studying in a Mandarin university in Taiwan. From 17 to 51. They came from 21 different countries across different continents, divided into four cultural groups based on the geographical position of their home country: East Asian South Asian, European and North American. There were cultural background groupings. The results of the study showed that the North American group employed more social-affective and conversation maintenance strategies than the other cultural. In terms of language proficiency, and it suggested that learners at lower proficiency levels tended to use more avoidance/ reduction strategies and to focus on what they have known. In addition, it was found that learners from different cultural groups used oral communication strategies significantly differently as their language proficiency increased. The findings provide significant insights into how learners’ cultural backgrounds and L2 proficiency relate to communication strategies, which has some pedagogical
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