The Importance Of Mass Media Communication In The Advertising Industry

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Mass Media Communications
Over the years, developments in the advertising industry have been generally initiated by the growth of the mass media. The main inventions that have characterized the growth of the media include the printing press, radio, television and the Internet (Lee, 2009).
The Printing Press
Print advertising has been a famous medium of advertising that involves the spreading or dissemination of information by printing words or images in newspaper, fliers, magazines, brochures, billboards (in the case of Outdoor Advertising), etc. The need to sell products necessitated the birth of the advertising and hence the print press. Volney B. Palmer, was the first to open an advertising agency in 1841 in Philadelphia. After a few years,
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People spend a lot of their time on the internet these days. Companies like Google, etc. using the Internet as a vehicle, started selling advertisers new tools or ways of reaching the right audience in order to reduce waste.
2.2.2 Importance of Advertising
Advertising has become one of the most needed things in society currently. It is an important part of an organization’s marketing plan. The general goal of advertising involves convincing and reminding potential customers of how worthy or valuable a particular product or service is. In short, advertising informs or reminds customers about new or existing products and services on the market and helps to stimulate the demand of a product or service on the market. Advertising has become an important component of any organization because of the influence it can have on sales (Anthony, 2007; Nartey, 210).
A study by Dawson (2004) showed that marketers often struggled with sales of products when they did not advertise their products. This is because potential consumers were not informed about the products and services they were offering. Advertising has been identified to be a means to gaining competitive advantage in the market and a driver of organizational

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