The Remarkable Effects of Advertising

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How would the world look like without advertising? Imagine, Times Square dark at night without its colorful billboards, football stadiums with blank walls and a set of seats, or having to pay for the content, news and entertainment that we currently get free. Without advertising, and its irreplaceable skill set of combining business and creativity we would have an employment crisis. Modern life would be very different without advertising; I don’t know about you, but I certainly wouldn’t like that world. If it weren't for advertising the whole society would be completely different. The economy, for instance, would be dropped into a crisis without the adverts and all the publicity that fuel the desire for limitless business. Advertising is an essential type of speech that communicates important information to the public. According to George Stigler (1986), advertising is “an immensely powerful instrument for the elimination of ignorance-comparable in force to the use of the book instead of the oral discourse to communicate knowledge.” Therefore, small Emirati businesses should depend more on advertising in order to benefit the business, consumer and society.

Benefits of advertising- businesses
One reason advertising is used is because of its importance for any new business. Advertising is very crucial to any business because it attracts more customers and so, encourages its selling ability. Advertising has benefited many businesses greatly over the years. Even in ancient times, the markets would be full of retailers shouting, praising and even making songs about their goods to attract people to their table. “In medieval times word-of-mouth praise of products gave rise to a simple but effective form of advertising, the use of so-...

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