The Importance Of Love In The Film Valentine's Day

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Love is not simple or easy. The kind of love that will last over time and overcome each obstacle it brings is actually a fair amount of work. In the film Valentine’s Day there are all different kinds of love and some of them thrive while others fail by the end of the day. All these different relationships present an opportunity to analyze how different aspects of communication help people find love and make it last.
The relationships we view in the film vary from young to old in both the ages of their participants and the time they’ve spanned over. In every relationship we find that the way these pairs express their intimacy between each other is different. For Willy and Felicia, a young high school couple, we see intimacy in the form of physical,
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If one person cannot express love in the way that their partner receives it best than it may go unseen and unappreciated. Healthy loving relationships are made by people who choose to show love in the way their partner understands. In Estelle and Edgar we see the love languages in those previously mentioned gifts and physical touch. Alternatively we see the same love languages in Willy and Felicia. In the the younger relationship though, Felicia struggles to connect to Willy because her gifts does not say that she knows him very well and seems to express a certain lacking investment. Interestingly, the football player Sean Jackson performs a particularly bold act of service before the viewer can even fully understand it as such. By coming out publicly, he is sending a message to his former partner Holden that he is still invested in their relationship and is willing to sacrifice possibly as much as his career for…show more content…
Most of the characters in the film would have complicated Johari windows. For Holden’s previously mentioned partner, Sean, the arena area would contain information like he is a football player that is rich and handsome but has recently been dropped by his team and unsure of where his career will bring him next. Under his facade for most of the film would be his sexuality, which is kept a secret from most people. In the unknown pane are the questions of if Holden will come back and if another football team will decide to take him. For Liz’s arena she is a poetry major and currently working as an agent although it is not the career she wants. Under her facade she hides from everyone that she is an adult phone entertainer. For the majority of the film the unknown pane contains whether or not she will tell Jason about that job, what his reaction to that would be, and if their relationship would continue afterwards. Julia FItzpatrick’s Johari window is complicated by her relationship with Dr. Harrison Copeland and his secrets. In her arena she shows that she is an elementary school teacher and that she is in a relationship. Her blind spot though, is that though she is unaware, other people know that Dr. Copeland is married. The fact that they are dating may fall into her facade pane because he has kept it a secret. The unknown pane would state that she will

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