Analysis Of The Movie The Breakup

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Relationships are complicated, not every relationship will last, and this seems to be the most apparent with romantic relationships, as these types of relationships two partners will often come together and open up to each other and become very close. Every relationship needs effective communication, and this is evident in the film, The Breakup; starring Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn. This film ties in with Interpersonal Communications very well as it portrays its message of poor communication very well. Models of Relational Dynamics, couples conflict styles, crazymakers, and conflict in relational systems are some of the topics that the film perfectly depicts. Beginning a relationship is usually different from person to person, but with mostly every relationship, there is a cycle that is known as “Relational Development” which illustrates the rise and fall of relationships into ten stages (pg. 283). In the film, The Breakup, Vaughn, who takes on the…show more content…
On the way, you will go through the cycle known as “Relational Development,” which is the creating and eventual decline of a relationship. Conflict is something very prominent in relationships and there are many different styles various couples use to fix problems, and the style used is most likely developed because of the person you are and your cultural background. Passive aggression, or crazymakers, are people you might connect with who have different ways of expressing their emotions. Relationships are complicated, but if you can find somebody who truly understands you, somebody that you can let your words sprout out of you like a waterfall, if there is somebody out there like that, then you can be sure that person will cause you some stress, but in the end, it will all be worth

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