The Importance Of Living In A Multicultural Society

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Living in a multicultural society can be seen as a blissful experience. Society has the chance to expose themselves and enjoy human richness culturally. However, people are not taking advantage of that, instead, making unnecessary judgments based on the color of their skin. This mental sickness has caused the widespread of racism around the world. As for today, many people believe that racism has been eradicated throughout every corners of the world. In the American society, they believe in the virtue and purity in its country. Americans like to believe that racism is a thing in the past, and they are the leading example for the world. For instance, America has an African-American president, interracial marriage is legal, and living life in the American dreams—the notion that anyone could achieve…show more content…
A great example of stereotypes often occurs to the African Americans are that they are always being more muscular and being better at sports. They are considered as much more talented that the other race, and it is expected for them to perform extraordinarily in a game. As Michael Omni explains in his article, In Living Color: Race and American Culture, “Why are black men or black people not good swimmers? Because they don’t have buoyancy…They are gifted with great musculature and various other things. They’re fleet of foot. And this is why there are a lot of black major league ballplayers. Now as far as having the background to become club presidents, or presidents of a bank, I don’t know” (626). All of this happen because of the popular culture has made racism and stereotypes into an intuitive part of American culture. Omi suggests that people are carried away by the media, and Americans are unknowingly hardwired to see the White, unmarked racially, community as some sort of stereotype whether they be Latino, Asian, Hispanic, or
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