Racism In Claudia Rankine's Citizen: An American Lyric

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Since the earliest 2000s racism in sport have had change. Nowadays black professional athletes do not face as much racism as in the early 2000s.Professional athletes are admired by almost everyone in this country not matter their race. In Claudia Rankine 's book called Citizen: An American Lyric she present many stories that portrait racial injustices from the white community to the black community in many different ways. These racial injustices are evident, in her lyrics, not only towards a regular black person, but also to famous athletes in the early 2000. Although african american professional athletes nowadays rarely suffer racism, nowadays african american professional athletes are the ones who are standing up for their community because…show more content…
Nothing, not even the repetition of negations (“no,no,no”) she employed in a similar situation years before as a younger player at the 2004 US Open, prepares you for this. Oh my God, she’s gone crazy, you say to no one.” (p.69)
This quote demonstrate the frustration of Serena William while going through these different altercations. The reader can tell that William went against the referee because of how disappointed she was to the treatment she was getting.By Rankine writing “Oh my God, she’s gone crazy, you say to no one.” the reader is able to notice how in “shock” was the audience by seeing a color woman standing up for herself. Rankin finds value in William racing her opinion. The reader is able to notice that Rankine belief she did the right
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At one point african american athletes were not able to fight racism by being the best in the world at what they loved. In the past couple of years that has changed. Now days african american athletes are the idols fro many white and black individuals. Because of this whole change on how white people sees the professional black athletes in comparison to the black communities indicates that they way race and gender are represented in sports has no connection to our society. Is not an accurate comparison at all. While some policemen are being racist to the black communities, those same policemen pay money to see their african american idol do what they love to do. This is why I believe african american professional athlete should use their platform to spread their perspective on the racial issues this country is going through. Many people does not like the way Colin Kaepernick is protesting against the racial injustice, but by just kneeling during the anthem he is bringing the racial injustice topic to be seen as a national level. This are the type of action african american professional athletes should be doing to try to equal the respect they get in the court to the respect a black individual should have in the
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