The Importance Of Hourly Rounding

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As in business, the companies try to produce the goods and services by the taste and preferences of people. The health care institutions must attempt to align the medical practices with the requirements and needs of the patients. This is essential, not to make profits but to enhance the quality of attention and medical services. It is obvious that people visit the health care institutions because they trust them, but some of them leave the building with satisfaction (McCartney, 2009). It is necessary that these health care organizations ensure that these patients feel satisfied, which could be guaranteed through hourly rounding in an adequate manner.
Review of Literature Beachem, J., & Litton, K. (2013). Take a Deep Breath: Understanding Pulmonary
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The article provides adequate information on the morbidity and shows how hourly rounding will help the professionals to fulfill the needs and requirements of patients regularly. Supports the hourly rounding as it would assist the health are organizations to overcome the fear of mistakes and to review all four P consistently.
McCartney, P. (2009). Hourly Rounds: An Evidence-based Practice. The American Journal of Nursing, 34(5), 327-330. The article adequately informs about the depth of issue as increasing number of patients ' complaints reflect the bad reputation of a health care industry. Inclusive of well-structured statistical information and comparison tables demonstrating the ineffective and inadequate practices of professionals. Provides the information about the rate at which professionals are associated with unethical practices at a work place, including phone calls and smoking. Highly supports hourly rounding as it will enhance the level of determination and commitment to health care professionals and nurses.
Prestia, A., & Dyess, S. (2012). Care Partners: Maximizing Caring Relationships Between Nursing Assistants and Patients. Journal of Nursing Administration, 42(3),
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Provides adequate information on the rate at which health care institutions are performing hourly rounding. Supports the proposed change as it offers several reasons why hourly rounding is important, including the enhancement of compliance and alleviation in the patients ' complaints.
Therese, M., & Thomas, T. (2010). Nursing Assistant walking Report at Change of Shift. Journal of Nursing Care Quality, ( Chicago25(3), 261-265). It adequately provides background information on the nature of issue reflecting the lack of assistance and support to nurses. Significantly supports the proposed change as it will help in managerial activities. Shows how the implementation of hourly rounding will enhance the quality of health care services, which too in low costs.
Tipton, P. (2008). Recruitment and Retention Report: Rounding to Increase Retention. Journal fo Nursing Management, 39(5),
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